Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Shrine proposal for Bali bombers

On another topic, I read in the AGE newspaper...Monday, October 20 2008. A report from Jakarta, by Tom Allard.

Now Tom reports that; "the families of the Bali bombers are fielding multiple requests from Indonesian islamists who want to bury their bodies together, including one from a prominent supporter who wants to create a jihadi cemetary for the men and 'other holy warriors'."

An businessman & activist in Indonesia's radical islamist movement, Cecep Hermawan,(also a local advisor to the muslim defence lawyers team, which acts for the Bali bombers and other militant muslims before the judicial system) has offered a hectare of land in the city of Cianjur (West Java)to the Bali bombers. This proposal has been discussed with the Bali bombers on 'his regular visits to death row'. Hermawan said he wanted to create a site where "pilgrims" came to pay their respects to "those who fought for the existence of islamic sharia, those that paid with their life". The murderous bombers said it was up to Hermawan, and the families are all ok with it, except for the distance the families of amrozi and mukhlas would have to travel (they live in East Java). The family of the other scumbag, samudra live quite close to the land.

The bombers' lawyer Mr. Achmad Cholid has confirmed this adding that "he was one of about 5 people from Java to fund a joint burial plot for the 3", scumbags.. However, the bombers and their families would wait until they knew the date of execution before making a decision on "which offer" they would accept.

"The announcement for the date of execution is repeatedly being delayed due to political reasons", says a spokesman for the Indonesian Attorney-General, Mr. Supandji.

Now here is the interesting bit of all this....."The 3 Bali bombers have warned of a violent backlash if they are put to death". Now, I thought they were bragging about how much they were looking forward to their 70 odd virgins and numerous young boys in paradise, you know, coz of them being martyrs and all. Then why have they used up all of their appeals and using one delay after another....Did they get to choose, after all, their method of execution as they wanted?

Gee, I wonder what their problem is about going to their moon god allah? And why would their cronies not look forward to them being martyred, after all, it was all in the name of allah-snackbar, wasn't it?

The article goes on to say that; "a clear majority of Indonesians have NO SYMPATHY" for these gutless wonders. and a "significant fringe regards them as slighty misguided heroes".

I could think of a few names and it certainly aint heroes...

These same people are "buying into the theory that there was an elaborate conspiracy that the 202 murders at the Sari Club and Paddy's Bar were committed by CIA". Further more they believe that it was 'a U.S. micro-nuclear device that destroyed the Sari Club".

Gee I guess the CIA have been really busy...what with the Twin Towers and Bali etc....Now if it was the CIA, then why are these 3 scumbags on death row, after they admitted their part in the bombings and saying how proud they were etc?????

These dumb islamists just don't know which way their arses are pointing half the time....maybe they are having withdrawal symptoms from sniffing the arseholes that bend in front of them at their prayer gatherings. But no doubt there would be plenty to sniff at in their present accomodations.

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