Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Jihad by stealth

The previous article resonates with us Aussies. We are seeing more and more the muslim demands upon our society and tax-payers. The muslim women in Universities want their own private room when there are already women only rooms with all facilities, study areas, recreation and rest etc. The muslim men want their own private rooms as well. They want separate eating areas... They also want lecture times to be altered to suit their prayer times...with no regard to the other students who might have part-time jobs to get to or people with families to tend to...simply with no regard for anyone else but themselves.

The three following points from the previous article are real bugbears of mine as the muslims are making more and more demands here.

1. Muslim cab drivers in Minneapolis refusing fares where would-be passengers are carrying alcohol because it is a sin to drink in Islam.
2. Niqabi fails to reveal face for ID purposes.
3. Polygamy in America

With #1... some of the cabbies who are muslim also refuse to take anyone as passengers if they have been drinking or carry alcohol...and we have huge drink-driving campaigns here that urge party goers to take a cab as well as taking public transport into the city to ease congestion. They will not take passengers who have guide dogs. Sort of wants to make me go to the butchers and get a pork liver then get a cab and 'accidently' leave my parcel in the back seat. There are many other examples of them wanting special concessions that are afforded to no-one else here. We don't ask for special concessions to suit ourselves here, we only want 'A Fair Go' and be treated with dignity and fairness across the board. Certain food shops have stopped with any ham products due to being under pressure. Excuse me! If you don't want to eat ham then order something else, why should the people who want a ham sandwich have to go in search of a shop because of this.

As for #2...A bikie must remove his/her helmet to enter a bank and some other places or to have a ID picture taken, yet I have seen numerous muslim women with full face covering go into banks and get their Drivers licence. Yet we are told that scanners need to be able to recognise the sides of the face as well to be effective.

Now #3...this is becoming a huge problem here too although the majority of journos are not brave enough to fully expose it...but it does happen. There was one case that was exposed of a muslim man with 3-4 families all living in government housing and receiving welfare as single mothers, and each 'wife' had a brood of children. He was on the dole and when he was confronted by the media...he thumbed his nose at all of Australia and said he did not have to obey any of our laws as he did not recognise them. I also know that some muslims are bringing their 2nd and 3rd wives from their home country into Australia under the guise of some other relative. There are a growing number of suburbs that seem to be conclaves of muslims...and soon if nothing is done about it then I fear that what is happening in parts of the UK will happen here...that is no-go zones for the non-muslims. Oh, they are trying to make us people feel uncomfortable by going into large muslim populated areas, but that only makes the Aussie more determined to do what they don't want us to do. And further, when our emergency services have a dress code then why are the female officers permitted to wear their headscarves? I am afraid I do not trust any muslim police officer. How would they pledge allegiance to our country and swear on our flag and constitution to uphold the laws when they hold the laws of the koran above any other. The ones...and there are many...who take out citizenship...well I believe they do this as a form of taggiya, they breed like rabbits and reap the benefits of the baby bonus and all the other benefits. They raise their kids to hate us but pretend to be our friends. If they really wanted to assimilate into our commumity that would be good and there is no saying they have to leave all of their culture behind...but the majority of them just do not want to be a part of our society.

Wahhaj also ignores the criminal fraud behind polygamy as well. The UK and Canada, like the US, face welfare fraud every time polygamous marriages are made. Subsequent wives live in a marital household, yet can file for welfare as single women because they failure to register the marriage. The failure to register is not an accident. Polygamous couples know that if they file they will be arrested for violating local bigamy laws. Second, these couples realize the financial advantages given current welfare policy. Such fraud is occurring in the thousands and is a burden to all taxpayers.

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