Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Muso areas

I had occasion to travel over to Broadmeadows yesterday.For those not familiar with the area this is about a 20 minute drive through traffic from where I live. It is also not far from Tullamarine airport in Melbourne, Victoria. There were billboards advertising EID festival and mosques within spitting distance of each other. I could not get away from there fast enough. There are no mosques in my area...and I don't bloodywell want any of them. But about 3 suburbs away....10-15 minutes...8-10 kms from me there is one mosque then further on we get into seeing a few more. I actually feel grateful that I live in an area free of these monstrocities, but I know a few of the people in the local govt..Council would like to see 1 or 2 of them as they are musos, but thankfully we have an older and rather large population of Greek, Maltese and Italians in the area. There is slowly a building prescence of muslims, judging by the hijabs and I have only thus far seen a few full burkas or whatever they are called...you know, the full black tent with the veil over the eyes and black gloves (and it was rather warm outside)accompanied by hubby who looked like he was a close relative of OBL himself. It's strange how even though we can't see whats under those tents that I could perceive the very young girl who was under it...by the way she walked and the form of her body...it was like seeing my teenage grandaughter, only this one was pregnant and had 2 small toddlers. Hubby done the talking to the receptionist and she did not utter one word to the children...he did. I thought how disgusting if this is what we have to look forward to. I really do not understand how people have been able to put up with them taking over their neighbourhoods. I know I will be heading up the petition if there is ever any planning of a mosqu in this area...no way at all could I live amongst them. It makes my spine shiver if I even hear that call to prayer on the TV.

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