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Jews are the chosen people

I never fail to be impressed when I read posts from dumbledoresarmy at Jihad Watch, and today is no exception. Apart from being impressed I have furthered my education by this very intelligent lady, who articulates what she wants to say in a concise manner. And to top it off she is an Aussie.

My second item is a remarkable discussion of Islam, and the effects of Islam, and the attitudes of Muslims toward the Jews, by a Jewish writer, one A Carlebach, from his article in the Ma'ariv periodical, 7 October 1955 (Jewish Israelis who have not heard of it may like to visit a library and unearth the original). It has been posted and re-posted at jihadwatch on various occasions, but I will post it yet again, for the benefit of anyone but newly come on board: QUOTE "These Arab Islamic countries do not suffer from poverty, or disease, or illiteracy, or exploitation; they only suffer from the worst of all plagues: Islam. "Wherever Islamic psychology rules, there is the inevitable rule of despotism and criminal aggression. "The danger lies in Islamic psychology, which cannot integrate itself into the world of efficiency and progress, that lives in a world of illusion, perturbed by attacks of inferiority complexes and megalomania, lost in dreams of the holy sword.
"The danger stems from the totalitarian conception of the world, the passion for murder deeply rooted in their blood, from the lack of logic, the easily inflamed brains, the boasting, "and above all: the blasphemous disregard for all that is sacred to the civilized world... {for a bloodcurdling example of this blasphemous disregard, witness the hysterical adulation recently heaped by the Arab Muslim world, upon the psychopathic Samir Kuntar, who murdered a little Jewish girl in cold blood - dda}. "their reactions -- to anything -- have nothing to do with good sense. "They are all emotion, unbalanced, instantaneous, senseless. It is always the lunatic that speaks from their throat. You can talk 'business' with everyone, and even with the devil. But not with Allah..."This is what every grain in this country [Israel] shouts. There were many great cultures here, and invaders of all kinds. All of them -- even the Crusaders -- left signs of culture and blossoming. "But on the path of Islam, even the trees have died. "We pile sin upon crime when we distort the picture and reduce the discussion to a conflict of border between Israel and her neighbors. "First of all, it is not the truth. The heart of the conflict is not the question of the borders; it is the question of Muslim psychology....."Moreover, to present the problem as a conflict between two similar parts is to provide the Arabs with the weapon of a claim that is not theirs. " If the discussion with them is truly a political one, then it can be seen from both sides. "Then we appear as those who came to a country that was entirely Arab, and we conquered and implanted ourselves as an alien body among them, and we loaded them with refugees and constitute a military danger for them, etc. etc. can justify this or that side--and such a presentation, sophisticated and political, of the problem is understandable for European minds--at our expense. "The Arabs raise claims that make sense to the Western understanding of simple legal dispute. "But in reality, who knows better than us that such is not the source of their hostile stand? "All those political and social concepts are never theirs. "Occupation by force of arms, in their own eyes, in the eyes of Islam, is not all associated with injustice. "To the contrary, it [occupation by force of arms] constitutes a certificate and demonstration of authentic ownership. "The sorrow for the refugees, for the expropriated brothers, has no room in their thinking. Allah expelled, Allah will care. " Never has a Muslim politician been moved by such things (unless, indeed, the catastrophe endangered his personal status). "If there were no refugees and no conquest, they would oppose us just the same." END QUOTE by: dumbledoresarmy

then this further piece of advice to us newbies at JW... Even though I have only been reading JW for about a year or so, but compared to the rest it is like 10 mins.

Further note, to non-Muslim visitors new to this site. In the postings of 'Omar' you see three classic features of Muslim discourse when 'debating' with non-Muslims. 1. Flat-out lies and denial. Example: in one posting he tries to claim that for 5000 years [!!![ there have been NO JEWS living in the land of Israel!!! Ridiculous!! His other Big Lie is that "the Jews kicked all the palestinians out of palestine". WRONG. This is two lies rolled into one. First: there is no such ethnicity as 'palestinian', unless perhaps one applies it to the Arabised Christians (who are of mixed Jewish, Syriac, Armenian and Greco-Latin Byzantine ancestry, with possibly a bit of pre-Islamic Christianised Arab thrown in). In 1917 there lived in the Land the following: Jews, demonstrably descended from the Jews of Jesus' time and some 2000 years before that; Samaritans, ditto; Christians, mostly Arabised, some Greek or Armenian (refugees from the Turkish jihad genocide); and local Arab or Arabised Muslims, indistinguishable in habits, 'culture', dress, language, religion and everything else, from all the other Arabised Muslim peoples all around them. Of course, some of these 'palestinian' Arab/ised Muslims are in fact ethnically Slav or Turkish or Bulgarian; their forebears came to the Levant from south-east Europe because they refused to live as equals with the newly-liberated and independent non-Muslims of the Balkan region, people whom they had previously despised and oppressed. And a huge percentage of the local Arab/ised Muslims in 1947 were descended from Arab Muslims - from places like what is now Lebanon, Syria, Jordan and Egypt - who had flooded into the area during the preceding thirty years or so, attracted by Jewish and British-sponsored economic improvements. Anyway, all those local Arab or Arabised Muslims called themselves - ARABS and MUSLIMS. If they looked beyond their clan, or their village, they saw themselves as Arab and Muslim, nothing else - like Arab Muslims all over north africa and the middle east. And if one reads the Martha Gellhorn article, one quickly discovers that there were plenty of Arab Muslims to be found living inside pre-1967 Israel. Many left during 1947-48; but by no means all. So 'all' the local Arabs were NOT 'kicked out' : Omar's claim that they were is a barefaced lie and gross exaggeration. What really happened is that those who fled (about 500 000), did so in order to get out of a battle zone; many of them fully intending to return for the plunder party, after all the Jews were mass-murdered by the Muslim jihadi hordes. Only the Jews beat the jihadis. So, new non-Muslim reader to this site: re-read Omar's postings. Think about them. Reflect on the lies rolled up within lies. Remind yourself, too, that Islam says 'war is deception' and that lying to advance the power of Islam over non-Muslims, has always been acceptable. In Islamic society objective truth means NOTHING. All that matters is power and prestige and words are weapons to achieve whatever is desired. Their creed is not that much different from Voldemort's, 'there is neither good nor evil, there is only Power, and those too weak to seek it'.
2. Vicious antisemitism. Sufficiently obvious.
3. Tu quoque and turnspeak.
Let's allow G K Chesterton to sum up 'Omar' and his ilk, including many of the Arab/ised Muslims in and around the land of Israel, and indeed, including any person who seriously attempts to obey the diktats of Qur'an-Sira-Hadith and their interpreters:
"The definition of the true savage is that he laughs when he hurts you; and howls when you hurt him. "
And again:
"Certainly there can be no better summary of the savage than this, which, as we have seen, unfits him for the duel.
'He is the man who cannot love--no, nor even hate--his neighbour as himself.'"
The more fully one understands Islam, and Islamic history, the more clearly one sees that Islam does not teach nor practise the Golden Rule; it does not accept that Muslims should treat non-Muslims as they (Muslims) expect to be treated, rather, 'those who follow him [Muhammad] are ruthless to the Unbelievers but merciful to one another'. For fellow Muslims: compassion (supposedly...but look at Iraq, Somalia, Afghanistan...). For non-Muslims (unless they give in, and convert) - cruelty, harshness, ruthlessness, no pity, no quarter. In 1948 and 1967 and 1973 a mob of ruthless Muslim supremacists who deny the Golden Rule got their sorry backsides kicked by the decent, peace-loving people they were fully intending to mass murder, rob and rape and pillage.
Me, I think the 'palestinian' Arab jihadists deserved what they got: a drubbing. I see them as thralls of one of the ugliest supremacist ideologies ever invented by humans - as ugly as Pol Pot and the Nazi and Aztec systems. by: dumbledoresarmy

Then another comment to an apparent newcomer....Charlie who is part Native American, DDA is capable of showing respect to all who treat others with respect. I myself, have a deep respect for NAS....and I have a couple of friends who are full blood. I also had the honour of spending some time with a Lakota Chief when he was visiting Australia back in 1996. This time - I believe helped to save my life. What that man taught me I will never forget. I have also had an honorary name bestowed up me.... Spirit Makwa Kwa.....anyway... enough of that. Here is a reply to Charlie.

charlie - good comeback! (Nice to have a Native American on board. I hope you're spreading the counter-jihad anti-sharia message among the First Nations. They need to be warned! No pet dogs, no music, no dancing, no singing, no paintings of people and animals, no sculpture, no women walking free with hair shining in the sunlight...that's just a sample of the horror of sharia that the jihadists want to impose upon us all. And of course: those who follow Native American spiritual beliefs would be regarded by Muslims as 'polytheists' or 'pagans', and treated even worse than the Christians or the Jews.) Most native Australians express views similar to yours. Speaking as a non-native Australian, I am humbled by their graciousness. (Most Aboriginal Australians are Christians today, being smart enough to distinguish between the Founder and his teachings, on the one hand, which they found attractive, and the bad behaviour, on the other hand, of some whitefella so-called 'christians'. They were also smart enough to see that things like writing, and western music, and medicine and so on, were things worth learning'). It comes down to this - what I know of Aboriginal Australian beliefs, suggests that they had a basic concept of the Golden Rule, of reciprocity and Agreement; and it seems that most native American societies also had that. Thus it was possible for the indigenous and non-indigenous peoples, in the Americas and Australia, despite our bloody 'contact history', to ultimately hammer out a modus vivendi. We're all still working on it, but we'll get there. In the end we'll create what might be called 'mestizo' societies, neither purely 'Indigenous' nor purely 'European', but - I hope - combining the very best of both. But that's not possible for the Arab/ Muslims vis a vis *their* conquered peoples, because their ideology means they can only conceive of non-Muslims, within Muslim societies, as despised and exploited dhimmis, subhumans; the 'Arabs' even treat non-Arab Muslims as subhuman, as we see in Darfur (the Arab jihadists' pzzed off a lot of Afghan Muslims, by treating them with sneering contempt). The Arab ummah engulfs and erases, it does not accommodate. An ex-Muslim from West Africa, now a Christian, Lamin Sanneh, in his book 'Translating the Message', explores the contrast between the European Christian approach to African languages - respect and translation - and the Arabic-is-sacred supremacism of Islam that dismisses non-arab languages as inferior and profane. V S Naipaul has remarked on this subject also: European Christian colonisers, even taking into account their many sins, were nevertheless more curious, 'open' and less destructive of native cultures, than were Muslim colonisers. Islam does not record, or preserve that which it dismisses as jahiliyya; it simply annihilates, as we see from the behaviour of Muslims vis a vis the Temple Mount, and Joseph's Tomb. jdamn - I agree about the Aztecs - part of the reason the Spaniards took them out so easily was because they had made themselves so thoroughly hated by all their neighbours, because of their horrible behaviour, that no-one was interested in helping them. by: dumbledoresarmy

Then Charlie responds with a gracious reply.....Thank you Dumbledoresarmy -- I spread the counter-jihad anti-shariah word whenever I can. Most people are surprised by the inherent insane restriction and hatred in those concepts. It's difficult for people who don't know the facts not to equate a "religion" with hateful freedom-sucking restriction, death and destruction. by: charlie

There are quite a few comments but I shall end with the last comment.../ word...which is always best for any discussion. And it sums it up all pretty well I don't mind saying....

Israel and the Jews are The Chosen People and shall flourish, islam shall perish from the Earth as "allah" is Satan and muhammad was his demon messenger. muslims are a scourge upon this planet and in this universe (Hell included). by: CGW

For the entire article please go and read it at archives of Jihad Watch

October 12, 2008
Israel: Mosque loudspeakers used to rally Muslim rioters in Acre

Once again, there are many posters that I am gaining admiration for and I would like to thank all concerned for the education I am getting.

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