Saturday, October 11, 2008

BOMB Lollies.

This gives new meaning to the saying....Never accept gifts from strangers. From Religious Intelligence....

A suicide bomb attack on a police building yesterday in the Pakistani capital, Islamabad, injured six people and caused part of the complex to collapse. “A green vehicle drove up to the barracks and one man got out and took out two baskets of sweets from the boot,” Inspector General Police Asghar Raza Gardezi told reporters at the site of the blast. “He took those inside and gave them to the guard after which there was an explosion.” The attack took place in the barracks of the anti-terrorist squad and part of the building collapsed in the blast, which took place at 12:55 p.m. local time. The bomb left a crater in the parking lot, from which police pulled out twisted remnants of the vehicle. The bomb exploded while Pakistani security officials were briefing lawmakers at the parliament building, 10 kilometers away from the site of the blast. The government is seeking to build consensus for its anti-terrorism policies. Today's was the sixth terrorist attack in less than three weeks in Pakistan. At least 53 people were killed in a suicide bomb attack on the Marriot Hotel in Islamabad on September 20. More than 2,000 people were killed in attacks in Pakistan last year and over 70 terrorist incidents have taken place since January. “Such incidents won't deter the government's resolve to fight terrorism and extremism,” President Asif Ali Zardari was cited as saying by state-run Associated Press of Pakistan. The Pakistani army is battling militants in the country's tribal region bordering Afghanistan in operations that have sparked retaliatory attacks, including a suicide bombing at a lawmaker's home in the central city of Bhakkar on October 6 that killed at least 12 people. Pakistan's tribal regions have been wracked by violence since thousands of Taliban and al-Qaeda rebels sought shelter in the country after the US-led invasion of Afghanistan in 2001. Fighting since 2001 has resulted in the killing of 2,244 militants, 581 of them foreigners, and the arrest of about 2,500 more. About 1,400 soldiers have been killed in the battle. The government blames the Pakistani Taliban, or Tehrik-e-Taliban Pakistan, for attacks on security forces and in August banned it and ordered the seizure of its bank accounts. The Pakistan Peoples Party-led government says it's trying to combat extremism through a combination of negotiation, economic and political development and selective use of military force.

Then we see that drugs are still one of the main income earners fro the terrorists...

The United States met their NATO allies on Thursday to persuade the countries to encourage their troops in targeting Afghanistan's thriving heroin trade. The plan is to stem the flow of drug money to the widening insurgency against the troubled international military mission. Thee two-day meeting of NATO defense ministers comes amid an increase in violence that has created doubts about whether Western forces can win the war against the resurgent Taliban militants. Defense Secretary Robert Gates will seek more troops, equipment, funding and other contributions to the Afghan war from the allies. The US plans to beef up its own troop strength with an extra Army brigade early next year and as many as three additional brigades in the following months. The increases reflect concerns that Afghanistan is becoming the key battlefield in the fight against international terrorism. NATO's top commander believes cutting the estimated $100 million that the Taliban and their al-Qaida allies receive each year from Afghanistan's heroin industry is one way to hit back. "The money from the narcotics trade is feeding the insurgency, it buy weapons and it pays fighters," US General John Craddock. "It is a cancer that fuels the insurgency." The Afghan police are too weak to tackle the problem and it's time for the 50,000-strong alliance force to take on the drug runners, he said. "NATO must step up to this task," General Craddock told defense experts in Brussels this week. "I've asked for expanded authority from NATO ... to target laboratories and trafficking facilities." The US and several European allies support him, but others have doubts. Although Craddock said he won't target poor farmers who depend on opium poppies for a living, Germany, Italy and Spain worry a counter-narcotics campaign could lead to a backlash against international troops. Those countries also fear widening the mission could overstretch the hard-pressed troops. They believe that taking the task away from the Afghans is a step backward in the goal to hand over security to local forces.

Then we hear not too long ago that non-muslims were accosted for eating or drinking
through now is this tit-for-tat??? How can anyone expect one group of faithful worshippers to respect their traditions, customs, rituals when they are not reciprocated? I am getting really sick of this crap. I do not expect everyone in my society/neighbourhood to follow all the so called rules of Christianity.... I believe in Saturday as the true Sabbath and not Sunday...which is a relic of paganism. Yet I don't expect other Christians to not go to Church on Sundays....I couldn't give a rats when they go to Church....I don't go to any Church at any time...I do not belong to any one denomination. So therefore I don't expect other Christians to come knocking on my door berating me for not going to Church to honour or worship God....I can do that quiet easily from the comfort of my own home. Having said all that, I really do not want to offend anyone, but seriously, aren't you getting tired of this one blowing up that one and these ones bombing those ones.... and to do so in such underhanded ways is even more disgusting...just as disgusting as the taking of any innocent life is. War is war...and with that I am sure there are the rules of war.... these coward terrorists, and I don't much care whose side they are on either...I would like to see all factions taken out to the middle of a desert and told to fight it out... if they want to war, then stop taking innocent lives with them and keep it on the battlefield.

Israel (New)
Cars and stores were damaged as Jews and Arabs clashed in the Israeli city of Acre after an Arab man was assaulted for driving during Yom Kippur, this Thursday. The unrest erupted around midnight, several hours after Jews began marking Yom Kippur, the Day of Atonement, the holiest observance in the Jewish calendar, when Israel comes to a virtual standstill. A group of Jewish youths assaulted an Arab man who was driving his car, in an incident that touched off large-scale rioting between Jews and Arabs, resulting in extensive damage to dozens of cars and shops, Haaretz said in its internet edition. Police used force to disperse the crowd of several hundred peoples, the newspaper said, citing police officials. About one third of Acre's population of almost 50,000 residents are Arab. Arab MPs have for years asked security forces to take tougher action to prevent Jews from stoning cars driven by Arabs on Yom Kippur. One of them, Abbas Zkoor, said such attacks occurred frequently. "Despite numerous complaints filed in police stations, officers were not sent to disperse the racist gatherings," Mr Zkoor said. He called on religious authorities to condemn such behaviour, which he said "surely contravenes the basic principles of the Jewish religion."

then we move onto Interfaith issues.... there can be NO PEACE between islamists and everyone else, there is just no compatibility, and there never will be. Islam is a disease.... a disease far worse than cancer ever will least with cancer, there is a chance at a cure or even a remission, and failing that, at least a person knows where they are at and can try to make some sort of peace with themselves before the end. I read an article somewhere today that the islamists in UK are carrying on about the red cross on the soccer players jersy... for goodness sake...GET OVER IT. BAN MUSLIM IMMIGRATION. And before I get any hate mail saying how can a woman calling herself Christian Nanna be so angry and hateful.....Well all I can say is please let me worry about my soul huh. I am allowed to be angry. I will say my prayers asking for forgiveness.

Everytime I read anything to do with Inter-Faith propaganda...I get shivers up and down my spine....I know only too well that it is deceit at it's best. As for the pollies getting sucked into it..well poor misguided things, do they really think that appeasing these people is gonna do it...keep us all safe by developing these cosy relationships with people who despise us?

Orissa, India

A joint declaration was signed in New Delhi, India, on Wednesday calling for an end to violence and the promotion of interfaith dialogue between Hindus and Christians. The announcement came after a meeting between the Archbishops of New Delhi and Orissa and the leader of the country’s parliamentary opposition, which is a Hindu party.
Over a month of attacks in Orissa and elsewhere have killed an estimated 40 Christians, destroyed dozens of churches and homes, and forced thousands into government-owned camps. Despite the Union Home Ministry’s deployment of 10 more companies of Central para-military forces to the Kandhamal district of Orissa, the violence has continued.

Well that is about it for my rant and rave for today.... gee it feels good to let off some steam every now and then. I shall return as the sweet lovable me next time....until then BEAUSEANT.

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