Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Sharia Banking

I have been a bit puzzled the last day or so. I read in some- (can't remember)- tabloid/newspaper an article for a non-muslim sprouting her good news of sharia banking. I can't remember which paper it was because at times I have a slight problem retaining new info in my memory, unless I deal with it at that moment, or can repeat the process a couple of times, so please forgive me for not being able to cite any quotes, provide a link or the name of the paper or name of person.

I was quite alarmed at how rosy a picture she painted. Even though she was not earning interest on her money, she didn't care as long as her money was not invested in certain ventures like tobacco, alcohol, gambling, inhumane treatment of animals etc. She did however say that if she had a large amount of money then she would be tempted to put it into a bank that did pay interest....a bit hipocritical me thinks....either she wants to make sure her money is used for her stated purposes or not. People with lots of money sometimes will lose their morals!
I was aghast at the animals bit because the treatment of animals in the middle east is abhorrent. Especially the live export trade of sheep and cattle.
This young lady was surprised at the fact she could open an account at a sharia bank....you know, on account she is not a muslim(a).
I believe even though there is no interest paid, or taken on loans etc, that there is a once off fee of sorts, well they have to make profit somehow....
Now I just bet the banking execs are not about to tell where ALL of their investments will be, especially into training camps for more young up and coming jihadis.

My biggest fear here is that with this type of advertising then there will be a lot of people fooled into the same ideology of having their money invested into what they think is all above board businesses. Especially the lefties & greenies and all dems & labourites and all those who think that muslims really do want to be our friends, and people like me are just bigots. With all this talk about interfaith dialogue and multicultural love-ins etc. blah blah.
To me this is just one more kind of stealth jihad, tagiyyah, call it what you will. When they get more non-muslims putting their money into their banks and taking loans for houses etc, then the crunch will come. Miss just one payment and you are liable to lose a hand, after all, reneging on a loan is a form of theft.

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