Sunday, October 26, 2008

Terror Free Oil

As soon as I know for sure where I can buy my petrol that is "Terror Free" that will be the only place I will be making a purchase. I urge every Aussie to start doing the same. I look forward to the emails so I can learn more about this.

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Terror Free Oil
Posted: 24 Oct 2008 05:07 PM CDT

WE ARE essentially funding our enemies. We buy oil from Saudi Arabia, for example, and they use that money to build mosques in our countries — mosques which promote the following ideas to their Muslim attendees: keep yourselves separate from non-Muslims and do not assimilate into the culture; gain political power; agitate for concessions; and work toward the long-range goal of replacing the democratic government with a government ruled by Shari'a law.

We are funding this. If we didn't buy their oil, we'd put a huge damper on their activities. And they wouldn't have so much money to afford building madrassas all over the world teaching hatred for the West.

The Terror-Free Oil Initiative came up with a solution: They research where gas stations get their oil so we can choose to buy our gas from stations that do not send our money to Jihadis bent on our destruction. They've even opened their own gas station. Here's a five-minute clip from MSNBC about the new gas station (click here to watch the video):
Terror-Free Oil Refuses Financial Help from Corporation Connected to Radical Saudi Financier | Movies & TV |

This is one of the most positive, practical actions I have yet to see. Please look up your local gas stations, find out where you can buy terror-free gas, and tell all your friends. Sooner is better than later.

I looked up every one of the gas suppliers on the list and none of them sell gas in my area. So I wrote to The Terror-Free Oil Initiative, and Alex Porter wrote back to me, giving me a link to a list of oil companies showing the percentage of their oil they get from the Persian Gulf.

In my area there are mostly Shell and Chevron stations. I've used Chevron for many years, but looking at this list, I discovered they are one of the highest in the percentage of their oil they get from the Middle East, so I switched to Shell, which has one of the lowest percentages.

Another thing you can do to help cut off money to Jihadis is drive slower. During the oil crisis in the 1970's, the speed limit was dropped to 55. A lot of people complained about it, but it did save a lot of gas. And it still does. So even while you're driving, you reduce our reliance on oil if you drive 55.

It feels good to be doing something. Each mile you drive 55, you are taking money out of the pockets of people trying to destroy us. And you can educate yourself while you're at it by listening to good audiobooks. And if you keep your car tuned, it will use less gas too. Of course, you can also ride your bike and walk when you have the opportunity.

You can also urge your representatives to support the "open fuel standard," which means mandating car manufacturers to make cars that can run on many different fuels — cars that can run on ethanol and methanol and gasoline, for example — rather than only gasoline. Check out to find out how. They make it easy to write to your representatives.

You can do something very simple right now: Forward this article to ten people. The more people who use terror-free gas, the more financial incentive gas companies will have to make it more available.

To thwart Islam's relentless encroachment, we have many practical actions we can take. The way we use gasoline is one of the most important.

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