Thursday, October 23, 2008

Chines Pastor's son regains consciousness

Chinese Pastor Bike's son regains consciousness after attack
22 Oct 2008 - Source: ASSIST News Service

Zhang Jian, the oldest son of Pastor "Bike" Zhang Mingxuan, has regained consciousness in the Emergency Room at Beijing Min Hang (Aviation) Hospital. According to China Aid Association (CAA), Useful link:

Zhang Jian was severely beaten with iron bars at his mother's home for 25 minutes by 15 Public Security Bureau (PSB) officers on October 16, 2008.

The family was then evicted and their furniture thrown into the street. China Aid has been in constant communication with this family facing severe persecution by the Chinese government. 

China Aid's president, Bob Fu, spoke with Zhang Jian this morning. He is still in very serious condition. His right eye is severely wounded and doctors are not sure if he will regain his sight. His nose bone and eye bone are both broken and doctors say he needs further CAT scans and surgery.

In an e-mail to ANS, China Aid says: "Even though his physical condition is very bad, Zhang Jian has left the hospital because PSB officers have been watching him there, and he was afraid for his safety. He went to his brother's home, but PSB officers followed him. The officers warned Zhang Jian and his brother, Zhang Chuang, not to leave the apartment before October 20, the date of the celebration Pastor Bike organized for the third anniversary of the Chinese House Church Alliance."

Meanwhile, China Aid has received several calls from different house church leaders who have also been warned not to go to Beijing or attend the celebration.

The China Aid e-mail says: "Zhang Jian's mother was ordered by police today to take care of the furniture and personal items that officers threw into the street during yesterday's attack on the family. The family is struggling financially to pay for the hospital bills, food, shelter and legal help. ChinaAid is working to send emergency help to Zhang Jian and his family. 

"Police have also attempted to shut down the house church where Zhang Jian's father preaches. On October 10, police sealed the door of the church and blocked it with two truckloads of garbage. Officials are blocking anyone wishing to enter, even though on September 28, officials gave permission for the house church to meet. They have also cut off the electricity to the church.

"The physical assault on Zhang Jian is the most serious of the recent attacks on Zhang Jian and his family. During the past 22 years, Zhang Jian's father, Pastor Bike, has been arrested 26 times, beaten and evicted from his home numerous times because of his faith. Despite the persecution, this family continues to boldly preach and help the house church Christians."

22 Oct 2008

That poor be evicted time and again, and so persecuted for their faith, and to think the son was almost beaten to death.


Just when so many people (ME INCLUDED) are Praising the Chinese for their stand against the islamists, I come across a story like this. We all know that Christians are being persecuted in China, as well as in islamic and Arab lands. But surely the Chinese must realise that the Christians just want to be able to do their own thing, whereas the islamists want a world-wide caliphate. I thought it was rough enough when Chinses people were not permitted to practice their falun-gong...why I have no real idea, as to me it is similar to tai chi,

I must wonder though, if I as a Christian, would be so brave in the wake of an islamist takeover, and if I was given a choice... convert or die, or live a miserable existence as a professed Christian. Would I be so brave as to practice my faith so openly, or would I pretend I was not a Christian and submit to dhimmitude rather than death, so as I could continue my practice secret? The way I sometimes feel is that I would simply be brave and courageous and tell them to ...BITE ME... I will never convert or submit. Or do as most of them (the islamists)do...pretend to be one of them and be a Christian in secret...But then my teachings tell me 'Not to deny Christ', that it would be better for me to admit my faith. Or would I give in to their demands if the lives of my family were at stake??? I don't think I could stand there and watch my children being beaten. The more I think about it the more I think I don't know what I would do....until the time ever comes. But then if enough of us were to get together to form some sort of protest group before Australia starts turning into a likeness of what's happening in large parts of the UK, then the government would have to stand up and take note.
Already I am reading reports of the krudd Lefty labourites losing power throughout the States. I guess people are starting to wake up to them now their true colours are really showing through. Oh how conned the Aussie people were by the Labour movement and all their cronies, the ones who want to be friends and hold hands with islamists, and tell us to be more like the Indonesians. I really hope that those who did vote them into Parliament are hanging their heads in shame and sorrow for their dumbness.

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